Backup Service Details

Referring a Friend
Should you decide to refer a friend, You will receive a monthly referral commission of $1.50 for each active direct referral. The Lowcost-Backup subscription Service is Currently $5.99 A month.

If you are the owner of multiple sites please contact us for details of current discounts available.

The lowcost-backup service consists of:-

  1. Free account set up.
    We carry out the set up, installation and initial system tests free of charge.

  2. Daily Automated backup of your Public_html folder
    The public_html folder is where your web site pages are stored.

  3. Daily Automated Backup of your Databases.
    All your web site DataBases are backed up. If you add a database then it can be automatically included

  4. Daily email report containing the results of the backup.
    An Email showing what was backed up is generated automatically to let you know that the tasks have been carried out.

  5. Weekly Automated DataBase Optimization.
    The optimization of your databases clears out any unwanted overheads that build up, this helps your site run quickly and smoothly.

  6. Safe off site storage of your backups
    By using off site storage you will not lose everything. The last 7 days backups are stored for you. This allows for any possible corruption that may occur during a backup operation.

  7. A members area where you can download the backups as and when you need them to do a restore, Along with a full instructions on how to carry out a restore should you need it.

  8. Promotion banners and splash pages should you wish to tell others about the service.

  9. Access to our LCW Group Client area.
    The Client area gives you access to our support ticket desk, your affiliate information, billing information and more.

  10. You can Also contact us live using the free Skype System.
    We use Skype for live voice support just add Bjantiques to your contact list.

  1. Your server needs to support Ioncube. If you are not sure then you can ask your hosting support or We can test this for you.

  2. Access to your cpanel to install the script.

  3. Ability to add cron jobs.